Disconnection ( An essay)

A few years ago I read the diary of legendary Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. While scanning the page, I came across this small passage. “I think I am very Lonely. my mind jumps. I see myself in the mirror now, Brow furrowed. If I lean in close, I’ll see what I don’t want to know. […]

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Miles to go ( A Poem)

If you ever walk a mile in my shoes Then I hope you’ll stop off At the old museum. Peer into the shop windows Where the cobwebs have laced the frosted glass.   I hope you’ll sit in all the old cafe And eat a pile of my memories From out of the cake pan. […]

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Mind your own womb

Originally posted on Nadirah Angail:
? Somewhere there is a woman: 30, no children. People ask her, “Still no kids?” Her response varies from day to day, but it usually includes forced smiles and restraint. “Nope, not yet,” she says with a chuckle, muffling her frustration. “Well, don’t wait forever. That clock is ticking, ya…

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Inemuri ( A Poem)

  Inemuri. You are the trance of a woman Who has not caught the grains of sand On her sagging eye lids.   You do not sleep at all. Do not surrender to the whiles Of outer worldly advancements Do not cave to the iridescence of Moonlit rooms.   Inemuri. They have calld you But […]

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Heroic ( A Poem)

We are pockets of theology Tucked into the pages Of old books That someone forgot to read. Instead they took us apart Shredding each sentence And rewriting our stories Like we were simply Ideas That could be scattered to the wind Somehow the universe Had mercy upon our lonely souls. Somehow God must have seen […]

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