Yoj / joy

Empty apart / ment

Grey couch

sits /        on my lap

Loneliness /        cutting

through /        my wrist

heart pounds

like /  hammered heads                                                                                                        severed from /

the neck

and onto/

the floor

Bitter /

cup of coffee

I’ll never/


Happiness abounds.

Happiness abounds

I’ll never/


bitter cup/

of coffee

and onto/

the floor

severed from/

the neck

like/  hammered heads

heart  pounds/

through my/


loneliness cutting/

sits on my lap



Empty Apartment.

This what is what anxiety feels like.

This is what it feels like to have a panic attack

A run on sentence where your chest attempts

to push the breaks in between the tumble of air,

that seems to evade your lungs.



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