When She Says No

When she says No
She means it.
Whether she’s dressed like a nun
Or has a low cut blouse.
Whether you think she’s classy
Or simply trashy
Whether you believe she’s easy
Or the most complex puzzle in creation

No means No

Whether she’s a blind date
A one night stand

Or some girl you’ve been with for awhile

Whether you think she’s beautiful or intelligent
Or uninteresting or unattractive.

no will always mean no.

sober or drunk
assertive or mild tempered
strong or innocent
her body is not free-way
her word is valid.

respect her because she is

someone’s daughter
someone’s mother
someone’s sister
aunt, girlfriend or wife.

respect her because she is a woman

ever before she became your conquest.

And when she says no
she means it.

Lately I have been hearing so many horror stories from women and every time I do. I feel something flush my gut. What a world we live in, where womanhood is steeped in such shame and disgrace. Where we tell victims that they must have been asking for it.

Newsflash, no woman in her right mind wakes up one day and decides “Gee today looks like a day where I’d like to be used for someone’s sexual gratification. No woman heads out the door to work and decides, well I’m definitely looking forward to having a random stranger slap my ass.

So to all of my Queens, you know who you are. You are so beautiful and amazing, Strong and resilient. A dynamic voice to behold. No matter how battered, bruised or exhausted life has made you, you have every right to walk with your head held high, you have every right to step out into the world, with dignity. And for every single victim of this ultimate degradation on your humanity, know that what has happened to you, does not diminish you in any way. You are beyond amazing. From one Queen to another, I salute you.

~Melodic Rose~


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