A question of liberated Divinity ( Humanity through my eyes)

 We often debate and relegate the human existence to merely a composition of physical exploits. There is a strong central belief that has dominated our society, that every thought, every conceivable experience and knowledge of life, can be simply concluded by mere observation. That we contain within ourselves, as humanity all of the fortitude and strength by which we need to live. The ability to stretch our imagination and comprehend that perhaps there is indeed a manifestation beyond this initial dimension, has comparatively become a battle of wills. An affront against what we have seemingly accomplished over the span of time. Still in every facet of our culture, we have conclusively been forced conditioned into mass indoctrination, there is indeed a level of higher consciousness that we have foolishly and perversely allowed ourselves to become partakers of, with little understanding of their meaning.

At the basic level, we understand that the human being consists of three dynamic pivotal points, that of the body, that of the mind and that of the spirit. How we define these three constituents, will largely become the determining factor as to how we see the world. In fact it is from this belief system, that we engage the world. The human being is born with a certain sense of autonomy. We relish in the concept of liberty, of freedom and when we feel that this basic human right, has been snatched from our hand, there is a certain sense of righteous indignation that will rise up within us.

Every society is built upon a certain set of precepts, A belief system that the leaders at large must pass down to the people, in order to create a sense of order, for us in north america, this largely translates to a system of democracy. We, as the people, are told that we have a voice, and it is the voice that largely determines the direction by which our country is run. We, are told that through a process of selection, we have the choice to create the statues, erect the moral pillars of our society and from these pillars, we will literally transcend into a state of supremacy, that our society is the standard by which the rest of the world should follow. Our leaders are simply acting the eye glasses by which we will be able to see the world. That through their guidance and vision, they are driving us, into a place of complete authority.

Still with any reasonable observation, Any sort of revelatory glance, it is apparent that this is not so and while we live with the most noble of intentions, many of our choices, much of what we believe to be true, has been largely misguided. There is no other time in history, where the fabric of humanity has been at such a precipice of collapse. We are literally on the cusp of falling apart as a civilization and yet we have been kept in the dark. The issues that we argue about, the media reports we hear, do little to educate us about what is actually going on the world, but rather they have kept us so misinformed and disengaged from reality, that we cannot even see as a society, we are simply walking around with blinders on. In our conquest to ascertain knowledge, we have lost our ability to distinguish the truth from the lie, We receive information and automatically accept it as truth, we do not consider the intention behind why this information is being fed to us,

Consider this, Government, media, health system, education system, financial institutions and all of the other tributaries, that trickle down throughout our society, are under some form of ownership. They do not stand on their own, there is a hierarchy of power in each, every single one of them a prevalent part of our lives. What this means for us as people, is much of what we are told, the knowledge that is passed down to us, is largely told through the rhetoric of someone else’s opinion or worldview.

At the basic level we understand that a society, is simply a group of people, who for one reason or another share the same geographical location and over time will develop certain types of customs, belief systems, which will then become the definitive building block of their culture.

How this system is played out relies on 5 pillars,  There has to be a structure of order, once this order is determined, there is some sort of enforcement in order to maintain this order, from this the society will create a system of production, ( agriculture, research). After all a society is not content to stay stagnant, they want to progress, ultimately evolve intp a higher form than where they began. The society then begins to facilitate this need for development through the implementation of education. This ensures that every individual will be given the same knowledge and formulate the same ideas and opinions, in order to keep the society running in the same direction. and of course no society would be complete without a system of belief, so more often than not there will be a hierarchy of spirituality, under the umbrella of a religious system. All in all each pillar relies on the other, to keep the entire system from total collapse, when one aspect becomes corrupted or weakened, it puts a strain on the remaining pillars and can have devastating consequences. When each pillar is working in equilibrium, you have a system that works but take one pillar and put ot above the others, you have complete chaos and decay.

Still this orchestrated structure, begs a very specific question, are we really living in a society that values free original thought, or has our belief system become systematically and subtly instituted over time. Is it possible that we are living with a rather narrow view of what is really taking place in the world. both on a civil and political level, Both on the national and global scale.

Is there really such a thing as the separation Religion and the state or is it plausible that we have engaged in a system of spiritual adherence without our knowledge. That perhaps the entire fabric of what we believe about our government, of what we have been told about the inner workings of these houses of power, are little more than a fallacy and the whole idea of democracy, our love for what we deem as a fair and just system, has really created us into a people, most comfortable with living in a state of perpetual latency.

It is these sort of questions that we need to ask ourselves from time to time. After all one only has to look through our history, to see how many men and women have died in the fight for justice, how many beautiful souls have laid down their lives all for the pursuit of liberty.

Still I am inclined to believe that much of what we have been taught, the values that we hold dare, are little more that composite pieces of deception, we belong to a system that has reduced the value of life to that of a numerical composition. Our names, Our identity, worth little more than the almighty dollar affixed beside it.

It would be remissive of me, if I did write this correspondence, with the most honest of sentiments. Over the course of my life, I must confess that I have become I unabashedly immutably impassioned about truth. That is the highest elevated truth, that one person can muster. I have a fondness for all things contrary. I am in love with conspiracy and I will rarely accept popular opinion without proper interrogation.

I believe that all life derives from a soulful interconnectedness. That freedom can only be understood, when we fully ascertain what it means to be enslaved. When we think of Slavery, it is the image of human being, bound by chains, that is conjured in our mind but slavery is not  just a physical entity.  It is the manifestation of these ideals, thoughts, emotions, wrapping itself around our minds, our hearts, our spirit that renders us incapacitate. It is being told that you do not have a choice, that your life belongs to another and you must live according to the parameters set before you.

It is being made to feel less than human, It being told that because you are a woman,

because you are a minority, because of your sexual orientation, your political affiliation,

you level of education or lack there of that you’re value is non existent and that you are unimportant.

It is being told all of these things and then believing them to be true.

Confessing these predisposed ideals until they become the truth of your existence.

It is being told that you must conform. it is the formation of a lie, A deception being force fed onto the population and accepting these world views,without questioning their validity without challenging their authenticity.

It is being under the bondage of an oppressive society, It is being made to feel, dirty and disgusting

by the very fibre of your being. Being told that you are an abomination and then being made to feel ashamed.

Freedom is simply being aware of this. and making the decision not to succumb to the pressure around you. It is the ability to find your inner voice and transcend the darkness with light.

True freedom is a correlation of the mind, working in perfect synchronization of the human heart.

It is finding your truth and standing in that truth. It is a level of consciousness that is far beyond philosophical proliferation.

Freedom is the realization that we are simply pawns in the game. Our bodies, rendered as monetary compensation for the political institutions at large. It realizing this and prioritizing people and experiences over insignificant things.

It is learning to be grateful. Taking moments of silence to reflect and truly being thankful.

It is being able to love and be loved. To live with compassion and extending that compassion to others.

True freedom is the opening of the soul. It is wearing your heart of your sleeve and being proud of it’s bruises, it’s scars. It is the repossession of a mind. It is original thought. True freedom is holding courage in your hand, It is finding your conviction and waving it like a banner across the sky.

True freedom is simply a divine elevated revelation.

In short I will leave you with the words of Assata Shakur

“People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.”

~Melodic Rose~

P.S. There is validity in every single perspective. I do not expect everyone to agree with me but this is my genuine perspective on the world at large. Written largely by my experience on this planet. As Both a woman of colour and a person for whom spirituality has played such a pivotal part of my life. While the thoughts may seem arbitrary and rather confusing, I did not want to compartmentalize this post, I simply wrote it as a single stream of conciousness, as every thought came flooding through my mind. For this reason, it is unedited and will remain unchanged and if you do grasp even a small tangent of what I truly mean, then I will be simply glad for that moment of connection. If this left you with more unanswered questions, then take up your pen and write, Share what is on your heart. Declare your own philosophical conclusion. However you come to this place of truth, let it be yours so that you can stand in your convictions with pride and with authority.


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