someday when this breathe is finally expired, I hope it is your face I will see and how my faith was little more than the innocence of a child. I hope that I will truly understand the meaning of suffering and can marvel at the magnificence of love.


someday, I hope every wound will become a distant memory. A line distorted by time and on that day I hope I will no longer feel their weight.


I know that I can be foolish and confused about many things, so I simply pray for the strength to travel this road. I’ve stumbled plenty of times, made my mistakes, but It is the hope for better, that goads me on.


I do not search for paradise,
I do not search for wealth
I do not search for much,
I simply search for love
For peace, and a guiding hand.


As long as my stability is found in those that I love, then I know that even the storm attempts to break me, even though I’ve been resigned to the dirt, even though I’ve had the door slammed in my face, more often than I can count, even though my wallet might be worn through, I know that somehow I will get through.


Melodic Rose


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