A Love Letter For L

Dear L,
The rain came pouring down with torrential force.

A strange phenomenon when you consider

that it is the middle of February.

Still every drop hit the earth,

riveting the soil.


the universe looked down upon you and wept,

for the life you so readily wished to discard.


I can only imagine,

how deafening the silence was.

Your fingers grasping the pill bottle

with fierce determination.

120 pills, that is what you took.

120 pills that made your body

sway in the breeze.

Bend from side to side

so you couldn’t stay upright

before you came crashing down to the floor.



It’s been a week since you landed in the hospital

and even though I have yet to see you.
I hope you know, that your life counts.
I Know your journey has been fraught with peril.
8 year old girl,

who hadn’t seen her father in over 6 years,

suddenly thrust to the wolves.
13 years old,

when some man thought that he had

a pass code to your body

and so he stripped you bare.

Allowed his fingers to travel,

where they were never meant to go.

All because you were young

and he wanted to strip you of your power.

I wish I could have turned back time

but those are your memories L


You are 18.

The doctors have called you schizophrenic.

Labelled you, with a blanket statement.

You have been made to feel

that who you are was never good enough.

They want to render you

gender normative.

Believe that you must stifle

your longing for boyhood,

for burgeoning manhood

and become all woman.


I am sorry that you ever had to hide.
But even if no one ever tells you,
you are loved my friend.
So push through,
Teach them that you are a giant
in the midst of the wasteland.
and when they come for you
stand tall proud
stand courageous
because you are a hero

Melodic Rose

No One should ever be made to feel, that they do not have a place on this planet, The difference between life and death can be as simple as a kind word, a genuine gesture of humanity that says “I am here for you ” and “I love you”. I nearly lost my friend to suicide and it broke my heart. When someone tells you they are struggling, be kind and supportive but most of all be the ultimate expression of love, it could save their life.


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