In Laval
there is man sitting behind
an iron gate
his lips pressed
into the white slab of concrete


A brocade against his plight
for freedom.
and he hears the sound
of metallic bars
being thrashed against each other
like they are dominos
falling ontop of each other in succession.


His name reads like
a series of numbers
forgotten here by a system
who has deemed him
the worlds largest criminal


his only crime
a desire for a better life
than the one he left behind
in Somalia.


And how when they found him
they threw him
in this place of confinement
shut the door
and locked the key
never remembering
that he existed


welcome to north america, brother
You leave your name
your culture
your language
all at the front door
and exchange your pride
for that of a convicted felon


handcuffed to the inside of a detention center
simply because you are an immigrant


Welcome to Canada Brother
where your soul can be buried under a pile
of legislation that reads like a death sentence
wrapped in political jargon


and a child who is only 6 years old
a mother who can barely speak the language of the land
can be thrown into prison
simply for carrying a foreign birth certificate


but they will not remember you
they will speak of referendums
and french language laws
they will speak of trade and commerce
and heavy taxation for the poor.


they will quibble over the parties québécois
versus the liberals
forgetting about the people
they have sworn to protect


welcome to Canada Brother
where a charte de valeur
is far more important
that than placing value on human lives.


Where they can argue about educational curriculum’s
that teach everything about the
periodic table of elements
or the battle on the plains of Abraham
but still neglect to mention
the genocide of Japanese Canadians
who were forced into work camps
They will bury the history of slavery
under a thousand feet of snow
and claim that it did not exist on this side of the border

Welcome to Canada Brother
where a man can live and die
on the inside of a barricade

~Melodic Rose~

There are thousands of immigrants who are pushed behind bars and left there to languish, Many of these individuals have severe mental illness and are left without adequate access to medical services. 39 year old, Abdurahman Ibrahim Hassan, committed suicide while being held in a immigration facility for three years. They were supposed to send him back to Somalia. Instead they detained him like a common criminal. He was denied basic human rights and when he died, the government attempted to hide his story from the people.  . If this is what it means to be a first world country, how can we call ourselves a progressive nation, when we basically harbour human beings Into cells like they are mere animals, left for the slaughter house. We voted you Into office government. You have a responsibility to all of these victims.

If you want the vote of the people. Do better. Be Better. Be the promises that you made to all of us.


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