For the Boy with The Light Saber

Dear Boy,

I want you to know that regardless of your avengers tee shirt, your fascination with star trek and all the really awesome and bizarre things that make you unique, I still love you.

Dear Boy,

I know that sometimes you can’t see yourself, the way that I see you and you have spent most of your life, with your head down, shoulders hunched believing that nobody on this planet would ever see you, believeing that nobody would ever choose you but I did, I saw you and I chose you. I didn’t care if you were ADD or OCD or what ever other acronyms that doctors tried to label you. I simply saw you for you and regardless of the package you came in, you were beyond awesome

Dear Boy,

I want you to know that even if it did not work out between us, I still love you. I always have and I probably always will. When you walked into my life, you left an imprint etched on my heart and for that I am grateful. So I want you to know even though I had to say Goodbye and even if it seemed cruel, there will never be a moment in the life where I am not grateful to have met you, because you were every brand of brilliance and you brought out the best in me.

Dear Boy,

one day there may be another great love in my life. One day I may meet someone else, as will you and they will be important and I will cherish them but you will always hold a special place in my heart, simply because you were my first love after all. So i write this for you. Not to hold you hostage, not to keep you bound but to let you know that no matter where I go, you will always have just a tiny corner of my heart, dedicated soley to you.

Melodic Rose


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