Spirituality / Religion : The Two Sided Coin

Religion = Humanities creation of forced rules and doctrines forcing you into submission, and seeking to control your will through systematic oppression. Teaching you that God is to be feared. In the hierarchy of Religion, the leaders who position themselves as God’s mouthpiece will often have ulterior motives for doing so, not for your benefit but for the for the privilege of controlling another human being, The conquest for power.

Spirituality = The desire to have a true and loving communion with God, the universe and the world around you. Faith becomes the central focus and puts the emphasis on the human heart. The understanding that human beings are multifaceted and multidimensional and the desire to feed both the spirit and the mind. Spirituality operates through compassion and understanding but ultimately through love. While religion may be taught, faith is developed through your own experiences. It is something that one must be born with. It is not contained to a building or a set of rules but can professed in a plethora of ways.

So why do we continue to place labels on ourselves? Faith is a very personal experience. It cannot be forced. It must come as an outpouring of the heart. It is born from a very deep hunger burning deep inside the human soul. It is awakened when we become uncomfortable with merely existing and decide to seek out something further than just day to day living. It challenges us to look deeper within ourselves and then look out in the universe hoping to find a reflection of ourselves.

To be spiritual, it is the divine need to find peace in the midst of the storm and the desire to have our feet planted solidly. It is the ultimate expression of our need for something more than the fraudulent empty promises that humanity offers us. People must be given the opportunity to seek out their journey in their own way and in their own time. Everyone will not arrive at the same conclusion nor the same destination, and while we profess our beliefs ,we must also give respect to this aspect.

In short it is simply like the garden, you may plant many seeds but the fruit, the flowers that bloom will come in many different forms, grow into its fullness at its respective time and each will have a different story to tell about the journey and the experience they took to burst through the soil. What ever you profess to believe, be open and loving towards another’s individual experience.

(I am not attempting to persuade or dissuade anyone about the existence of God. I merely want to foster an open discussion, much peace to everyone)

~Melodic Rose~


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