Dear Fatherless Daughter ( An Open Letter

Dear Fatherless Daughter,
You are not a mistake. You are unbelievably beautiful, intelligent and a force to be reckoned with. Stronger because perhaps you have fought your battles, armed only with faith.

Dear Fatherless Daughter,
Remember your value is not construed to the eyes of another and no matter how long you pray for validation from the man who gave you life. Do not let your confidence go to waste.

Dear Fatherless Daughter,
You are more loved than you know. A paradigm of unexpected and unparalleled light. You possess a heart that is twice as big as any word of condescension and there is no criticism, no insult, no attempted assault against your value that could ever diminish you.

Dear Fatherless Daughter,
Searching for love in all the wrong places. Looking for the acceptance of men who do not value or honour you, will not bring you peace, will not tear the hurt away from your flesh. Believe me I have been there. Instead look inside, recognize that your voice is precious and that you have something to offer the world, that no one else can bring to the table.

Dear Fatherless Daughter,
Who may not actually be Fatherless, but may simply feel like an orphan of her Father’s love. Be patient with yourself. take your burdens and lay them here. It is okay to feel lost, and wonder where you are going, as long as you get back up.

Dear Fatherless Daughter,
There may be moments where you feel like crying, there may be moments where you feeling like giving up. Don’t Ever Give up. You are needed. You are precious and one day your story, will become the salvation for someone else

Dear Fatherless,
You are a conquerer. You are a warrior, You are the kickass definition of a hurricane and you have my respect

~Melodic Rose~


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