The Lips Of Eden

There is no distance
nor time that could ever unwind
these thoughts and the way
in which you have benevolently
plastered this malevolent danger

Still we laugh and sing
giving blissful recompense
for the unfettered
heart of a burdened child

Oh you who live under the glare of this body
and the theosophic symphony
not yet presumed
would you succumb to your bitter thoughts.

So I loved you for the way you twist
and writhe
giving your body over the suspicious desires
and how I would marvel at your farm.

How you evoke dragons
from the pit of your imagination
creating landscapes
from the belly of the whale

but this was no ninevah
and you were no jonas
nor were you a samsonite man.
your arms pillarbound
holding the weight of the galaxy
on your shoulders
still your name was plasterd on the lips
of eden
you lay down with eve
grasped the tips of her fruits
into your palm.
Two cheery blossoms
that seemed to bloom between her legs
and you lay there.

Found paradise in the rise and fall
of her bossom
You walked on her water
and drowned within her gaze.
entagled your rapturus soul
with her
and gave birth to an empire

still you are the reflection of
a word
stabbed into the page
and desire still tinged
with the bitterness of sin.

Melodic Rose


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