Open Letter To The Universe

Dear Universe,

I think it is time that you and I exchanged a heart to heart. I am aware that you are far too large for my living room but I have set out a glass of tea for you. won’t you take a seat? Humour me, If only for a brief moment because there are many things I have tried to comprehend and yet no matter how much I search you from both sides of my mental cortex, I cannot fathom nor am I able to formulate a single explanation for many of my questions.

The first being why?

Why is it that the heart can bleed so?
Why does the mind create incredible illusions?
Why is the human spirit so transcendent
And beautiful and yet can still managep to be broken?
Why is it that the eyes can be a window and yet still manage to play such a deception?
Why do you bring such turmoil?

Dear universe,
I’d like to ask you some questions and I hope you will answer honestly.

Why is our time here on earth so short?
Why do we continue to pull each other down?
Why do we punish each other for what we cannot change about ourselves?
Why are we more prone to cause pain, rather than bring forth healing?

Dear Universe,
I know you must return home, leave me, with all of my questions. But I hope  that when you are finished staring down upon humanity. When you have exhausted your reservoir of suffering, when you have finished your blatent chastisement. I hope you will sit down and answer my query. Write a letter, mail it, my eyes will be attentive. After all I am not a philosopher, But perhaps you can teach me how.

~Melodic Rose~


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