Philosophy Of The Heart ( Poem )

forgive me
for my loss of words
but how could I speak
when you have taken my voice
and wrapped it around your chest
claiming it as yours

a mere decision
where my identity has become
more reminiscent of
late night conversations
over cups of tea

still how would I ever
find the words
to tell you all that you mean to me?

that you are the canvas
upon which my imagination
has spread itself

it’s the way you colour my sky
coaxing blood, sweat
and passion
from the great beyond

you have taken the image of day
and turned it inside out.
your body the ever present pathway
to secret thoughts tucked carefully
between journal covers.

There are no words for you
no measure of time
that could ever translate
the beauty that I feel
pounding away in my chest
every time I hear your voice

you will never know how
often I am lost in this internal sentiment
Every pore in my skin sings its solo
as if to say
“Notice Me”
“Think Of me”
“Love me”

You turn your gaze to the sunrise
exchange photographic remnants of early morning
speak of how this moment
is the most divine part of your day

Your eyes fixed deeply into the universe
and I would plaster myself across your sky
if only for a moment
just so I can remember a moment
where you will look at me
with that same admiration
that open adoration
that you have given to creation

still I spoke to you tonight
allowing my heart to sink
into the vibrato of your words.
simply because mines would sound
alot like all the I love you’s
that I’ll never say aloud.

but darling I dare you
roll back this curtain of flesh
step onto the stage of my life
and you will see that this heart
reads like a grand soliloquy
every line filled with you

a love letter
that bleeds across
the screen
simply because
there isn’t a moment
since we met,
that you have not consumed me

still what do I know
I am just your poet
from a distance
my only road map
this letter
hidden from view

~Melodic Rose~


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