Open Letter For Paulo Coelho

Dear Mr. Coelho,

My fascination has always belonged the cosmos and how, the human being could find such solace within its grasp. When I think of all the way these stars, have watched over our humanity, for the ages gone by, I am mesmerized. For it is miraculous, how these powerful, decadent, explosive balls of energy will succumb to the same fate. Intoxicated by the knowledge that even the stars have an expiration date affixed to their nature. Yet we call them legendary, simply because of the way they move our souls. This is the only reasonable comparison I can make. For it is the only depiction that comes to mind, when I think of you.

You sir, are legendary. Your words have made transformed you into the immortal. I believe that every human being is born with a predestined purpose. A mandate that is given into our hands even before birth. Your mandate, was that of the stars, it was meant to bring forth such light, inspire others to live with utter abandonment of self and I have no doubts long after our lungs expel a final bought of air, long after God declares our work is finished here on this beautiful planet that your words will simply echo throughout the galaxy, timeless and beautiful. Continuously emitting such light.

The passion and depth with which you have conveyed your message is innumerable in measure and filled with such depth, that I believe it would take several lifetimes, just to appreciate the magnitude and the scope of it’s meaning. Thank you for sharing your heart, your vision with all of us. For We’ve seen your soul, transcribed into every page and it is indeed a thing of beauty. You have held a candle to the world, beckoned us to stare into its recesses and in turn it is our very reflection that we have found. A reminder that the human soul is boundless and knows not a colour, contains no genetic melanin, has no race, and communicates only through the language of the heart. A reminder that even a black girl, can share something worthwhile

For this, I express gratitude sir. Here’s to all of our dreams both great and small. Perhaps your words are just the voice of one man, but even one single voice can make powerful indentations. May we all find the courage to take up our pens, tell our stories, share them with the world.

Sincerely and with deep admiration,

~Melodic Rose~

Paulo Coelho is an award winning writer, whose most notable book is “The Alchemist”. Over the course of the past few months, I had the immense pleasure  of sharing this discourse with Mr. Coelho. It was quite an honour to know that he had actually read my letter and then actually posted my it on his personal blog.  His life story also reads like the worlds greatest novel. I can highly attest to the fact that he is one of the wisest souls and most knowledgeable men of our generation. His gift for the written word, extends far beyond the page, and every line and passage of his work, is like taking a deep breathe, you can feel the air expanding through your lungs, in a new way every time.


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