Open Letter To Holden Caulfield ( A catcher In the Rye Lyrical Letter)


Dear Holden Caulfield,

Could you refrain from mentioning
those goddamn ducks in central park?
Could you stop punishing us
with your assumption
that life is filled with phonies?

So your name is Holden, would it be alright,
if we put your tongue in a choke hold?


if we were to discuss phony individuals
then we should start with you.
You are a character after all, in a book,

a figment of the author’s imagination,

so who’s the phony now.



a writer who makes up
phony things in her spare time.

I doubt you would like me very much.
which is quite okay Holden
,since I have never liked you.

So lets simply agree to disagree
let’s agree to bond over a mutual disdain for each other.

You who followed me through every English class
until I was ready to burn your pages
with almost as much loathing as I felt towards
one flew over the cuckoos nest

You called yourself
a catcher in the rye

but we all know you’ve never ventured
out of that concrete jungle called New York City

who’s the phony now,
Mr Holden caulfield 😎.

~Melodic Rose~

(the catcher in the rye was the one book from high school, I hated with a passion. yes Holden Caulfield was filled with all this teenage angst but who wants to live in the head of someone who complains their way through life. It’s funny, even though I probably despised this character, he is certainly one of the most memorable for me)


3 thoughts on “Open Letter To Holden Caulfield ( A catcher In the Rye Lyrical Letter)

  1. Wow. I loved and still love that book. I occasionally pick it up and re-read it. I never thought about bringing the complaining into adulthood though…gosh, how did I miss that? I’ve always loved his teenage view as just that, a teenager. Have you read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”? It reminds me of a modern day Catcher. Hugs.

    1. Ive heard some people say they love catcher and in some aspects I sort of get it. There are even a few moments in the story that I personally enjoyed.. I just always saw it as if he is going to be so negative at This young age, would he become a well adjusted adult? Maybe im just being overly theoretical lol I actually haven’t read the perks of being a wallflower but after this suggestion I will probably take it up 😀 thank for the comment lol

      1. I guess I could relate to him. I was a very negative teenager and stayed that way through much of my adulthood thus far. However, with therapy, medication, yoga, etc. I’m finally learning how to be positive. Perhaps he had mental illness. Who knows.

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