You are worthy Just as you are

Today I simply wanted to share a beautiful song and really focus on the lyrics. This song is called “Clean” by gospel singer Natalie Grant. Whether you are religious or not, I believe it has something that can speak to anyones situation.

There is a line that says “There’s nothing to dirty, that you can’t make worthy” and that really touched my heart. Think of how often we live our lives feeling as if we don’t measure up. as if there is something that needs to be fixed but this song says that just where you are, in your brokenness with all of your scars, you are worthy. There isn’t anything that needs to be done to make yourself more beautiful, or perfect, you are imperfectly perfect. Beautiful because of all of your scars. I think we all need this validation sometimes.

I do believe in God and this song makes me feel at peace, even in the greatest storm, there is a guiding hand, that will help me get through all of my battles. That I am not alone in my journey and neither are you. I hope this touches your heart too

Melodic Rose

P.S. I actually cried a little after hearing this lol


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