Ode To A long Distance Friend ( An open letter)

“We met like it was meant to be, there are literally oceans, mountains, rivers, and countries between us, yet, it feels like we’re living in the same building.”

Dear N,

Do you remember writing these words to me? Do you remember what I told you. That the human spirit is capable of wandering so many miles. never being deterred by borders or deserts, nor the confines of time.

Thank you for pulling me out of myself. For grabbing my hand, when I thought I would sink down into the soil and not emerge. There are very few people that I would consider to be my hero but it is you. You saved me so many times and for that you have my gratitude.

What can I say. Somehow without breathe and without a word, you knew exactly what I was thinking and you extended a life line to me, When I was too despondent to save myself.

I had my moment of weakness, but you didn’t laugh, you didn’t shame me. Simply told me that it was going to be alright. That I was going to get through this.

Maybe life is just a series of unfathomable moments, twisting and turning itself over. You will never comprehend how much your friendship has meant to me. Nor how much I have grown to love you.  I come back to your words often, mostly when I am at war with that voice, blaring inside of my mind, mostly when I can feel that bitter emotion creeping along through my veins.

So yes, there’s oceans, there’s rivers, potentially entire star fleets and fish with long pointy teeth but that’s the beauty of the human heart. It never caters to distance, only to honest and pure connection.

I wish I could tell you, that I have a clear view of the future but I am just as lost as you. I don’t know whether it will ever be in the cards for us to meet but perhaps that is okay. Perhaps our lives have intersected, just the way it was supposed to be. Perhaps time has seguayed itself, allowing us to exchange words and thoughtful sentiments and  Maybe some happily ever after, are only meant to answer to the call of friendship.

It isn’t sad to me. As I can think of no greater honour, that having the privilege of knowing someone with such a keen insight into life. I want you to know no matter what happens to you, where your life takes you, what path you will travel on this journey, I will always be there for you no matter what, just as you have stood watch over me for monthes.

Thank you for guarding my story, for taking my secrets, my memories and keeping them in safety.

Maybe there’s something to be said about the lingering spark, than spans out across the distance and if this means that for one moment, our story is to remain a half withered smile, a laugh and a word printed on a sheet of paper. I would say that perhaps my life is all the better, for having the opportunity to cross paths with you.

~Melodic Rose~


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