PARIS ( A Poem)

For the swelling of the great

tide, the bitter fume, the lost kiss

the tainted breathe of you

who is but my enemy.


I question you.


and tonight

you alone,

died a wretched

shrieking perilous plight


destroyed solely by the tongue

of the stonehenge monocle.


but darling.

you reach down into the coiffured

pile of nail clippings

wrapped in an old newspaper article

about the falling monetary gain.

screeching off your memory

like it was the fall infant.


Bombastic, clairvoyant

colourless paint

or rather such


the way you tsk your tongue

a tassel or a time or two.


little singer wheeling on the harpsichord

like a dessert bound vagrant

without a home.


And what of it?

this shelter, this land

that you belong not too.


Have you given up?


only tonight there were no questions to ask

you stood in line

under the awning of great


The largest hall

in all of europe

you hailed your heart there

walked through the gaping door


longing for just a moment of joy.


Till all came crashing down

your breathe disembowelled

your faith disembodied

taken from you before you had time


And all the world is watching

the shrieking of you

hemming and hawing

against the earth

Bodies falling like dominoed dust

leaving fear and pandemonium in it’s wake.


Simply because the media reports

say 40, then fifty, the a hundred

then 120 of you

have been taken for dead.


and the world shall not sleep tonight

not while the sky screams

in red volcanic eruption

into a stream of cyanide gas


There will be no words for you.

No eulogies, save the ones

lost between the affixed martyrdom

of channel five.


still your life clutches my heart

jumps through my spirit

my awareness weighted down

by the knowledge

that our lives are intersected

our history shares a final meal together

before you bivy off.

The faintest trace of you

a ticket stub

and my lips that mouth the words

good night,

sleep tight.

find peace in the arms of eternity


~Melodic Rose~

For the brave men and women of Paris, I stand with you in solidarity. Your pain is my pain, your heartache is my heartache. I lift a prayer for you, in hopes that God will shelter you from the bitterness and give you the fortitude of the Phoenix.


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