Salutation ( A Poem)


At Midnight the candle

slopes, grey filament

flame crunching lips

plastered with the delicious dark.


There is ambivalence here

feels haunted on my skin

taunts the daylight out of me


seeps through my smile

cracked and splintered smile

for you

but your us breathe me

so that I’d use you

like a warning sign


you fill up my chest

tell me not to cry

and I do

gripping your shirt

dipping my fingers into your shirt


so even though you hurt

even though you


lighting my tounge up

like a gas flame

all hot and heated

scorched to the touch

I wouldn’t lose you


wished you back here

except I know naught of you

for you have no name

no face

no image for the conjuring


no memory fills my mind

you simply open the door

and step out into the world

taking my heart with you


long after you arrived

more palpable than

the throbbing sensation

that seems to leap out of my hand


and I could only rock still

lie down beneath the wandering

galaxy of you


as if to say here I am

take all that I am

as if I could leave you here

but you dangle plainly.


How do you stomach the universe?

do you take it to your lips

is there an answer for words

like loneliness

like folly

like foolishness

like heartache

and voracious heartbreak


If a heart shatters under the guise

of a open casket

does anyone hear it?

Does anyone see it?


Does it look like eternity?

still you lady

you could not persuade the life out of hand

could not rob me of my innocence.


For I would not give you that pleasure.




Still most days

I can feel your history

burning down my neck

Searing my back door.

You reach across this descending line

striking the continental tribute

of our outstretched pine trees

laiden under a trestle of snow


Our red and white flag

with the semblance of a

maple leaf

wrapping itself in your stars.


our nation’s hold hands

like they are lovers

all contrived from the same

manner of bureaucracy


And I

straddle two lines.

Hoping that perhaps

somewhere between this

balancing act

there will be a place for me.


Hoping in that blatant tapestry

of colonialism

that someone will remember

that the it is the brown

deep basin wood

that holds the weight

of those green decadent leaves.


Our backs becoming

intrenched with hoof marks

and the deep wired steel toed boot knicks


Road maps and long winding bellowing

legislative remarks

tossed about at parliament.

Words that fall from lips

like they are dominated dust

in the midst of this frozen tundra.


Somewhere between all of our textbook


we became shaded figments

that time forgot.


After all the mirror was not built for us.

The gaveled hand smudging our blood

removing it from a view


Political apologetics

that simply say

we freed you.

unclasped the chains from your flesh.


Only our existence has been removed from view.

Because somehow

we never existed here.


Silence beckons out Marie Joseph Angelique

famous slave arsonist of Old Montreal.

Silence blares

says I am yours

and I hold it close

knowing that not even

this textbook

this overwrought brain

could hide

the richness

of the journey

where my feet have tread


So even though

you’ve been forgotten

and noone will remember your name


I keep you close

brave men and women

of old.

Simple gratitude

for the journey you took

the nights spent hiding

in the thickets of night


Searching for a candle

to guide you home.


Filled with overwhelming admiration

for the swiftness of your feet

hiding under the brush of darkness

to dissuade the searching eyes

of men with guns

and dogs

with blood thirsty teeth nipping at your heel.


To Harriet Tubman Nocturnal Spies

The Rosa Parks

The Mathieu dacosta’s of this world


I beseech you

Knowing that every day

I walk these streets

Sit in busses

and not nonsegregated seats.


That I walk this path

with freedom in my gait

all because you took the hand of fate

and took the bullet

from the lions of injustice

not catering to fear

not bowing to those who said you should.


But with resolution

with passion

and overflowing compassion

did you fight

stamp your foot

and leave a mark on this planet


and for this my friends

from far and wide


I salute you.

~Melodic Rose~



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