Thank you to Random Poet Tree, for posting my poem. If anyone wants to submit poetry, they should send it here.

Random Poem Tree

Melodic Rose is a spoken word artist from Montreal. She has written poetry for 15 years. She believes that poetry should be a transcendent experience. That true poetry comes from artistic and emotional vulnerability and at the heart of it, should reflect the distinct voices and nuances of the human experience. Melodic Rose hopes to reflect this philosophy through her work, by producing art that is unbound by the confines of race, gender or political affiliation but will continue to challenge and inspire others to live with complete authenticity. Her chapbook “Ephemorphosis” was just selected for publication, by prolific press and will be released in 2016.
The pavilion shudders,

turning it’s light on and off

with just the flick of the wrist

and little girl

with the long bone marrow comb

can’t seem to run her fingers

through her hair.
Still what do you say

to a woman

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