All The Things You Remind Me Of ( A Poem)

I like thunderstorms

and jerk kneed poisoning

I like rotten silk

and crisp apple puke

I like dirt and yellow piss

and butt crack crap.

I like it all

because it reminds me

of you.


I like farts that go Blargh

and the churning insides

of a barf bag, in the middle

of the east, roller coaster.


I like dark

and bathroom toilets

and bathroom floors

that have chalk circles

in the shape of baby does frame.


I like anger

and deep dark moods

that you can’t escape from.


I like sadness

and tears, that roll down both cheeks

I like pain

and I like emptiness

I like madness

and Psychiatry.

and psychiatric drugs

and psychosis


I like needles

and knives

and bath water

and sinking ships.


I like tornadoes

and blood moons

and period cramps

and hard to sift

bowel movements

I like cold dark rooms

and dingy looking places

I like moist and grungy mildew

and yeast and moldy things.


I like sour curdled milk

and the scent of despair

I like all of these disgusting things

I like being called out of my name

being called a whore

is quite endearing to me


I like sedatives

and stomach aches

migraines and overwhelming headaches.


I like car crashes

and bombs

and broken bones

and splintered arms


I like stab wounds

and peeling skin

and bloodied shins

and broken pallets


I like clothing ripped

and not being able to

say the word no.


I like molestation

and racist propaganda

and governments

that never fulfill the promises

they say they will


I like lies

and I like deceit

I like the repugnance

and I like living wakes


But above all

I like you

because you remind me

of all of these things.


~Melodic Rose~




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