Blame (A Poem)

Blame your mother
blame the cat
Blame your teacher
Blame the bird

Blame the weather because it’s too hot
Blame the fridge because it’s too cold
Blame your shoes for being too tight
Blame the moon for not shining that night

Blame your sister
Blame your wife
Blame your neighbour for being too nice

Blame the puddle after it rains
blame the light bulb
blame the sink
blame the window
and the frame

keep the excuses coming
even if they’re lame

Blame the banker
and the bank
blame the army
And The Tank

blame the landlord
and the flat

blame the car
blame everyone and everything for who you are

Blame the cross walk
and the couch
blame the mouse
and blame the plow

blame the children
for your bad day
blame the girlfriend
when things don’t go your way

blame the bleachers
blame the church

blame God
and then the preacher

Blame the Devil

and the demons down in hell

Blame the doctor
and the nurses too
and while you’re at it
blame every living creature

blame everyone except yourself

keeping going until the list is through
one day the only person left to blame
will be standing in the mirror
looking back at you

~Melodic Rose~



4 thoughts on “Blame (A Poem)

  1. I absolutely love this poem. I’ve been blamed for a lot of things in my life recently and this poem really speaks to me. I believe that when one tends to blame others, it reflects on their ability to not have empathy / be empathetic to others.

    1. Im so g!ad you were able to identify with this πŸ™‚ As the one on the receiving end of the blame, it can be really frustrating but you are definitely right, when someone is always finding faults in other people and not them selves, it does show a lack of empathy.

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