My Book Ephemorphosis has been officially Released


Today is a very quick update, after several months of waiting, I am pleased to announce the official début of my Chapbook “Ephemorphosis” is available for sale. My gratitude to Prolific Press for taking the time to publish my work.

This is the Synopsis:

Ephemorphosis is poetry unleashed. This book can be summarized as an ephemeral metamorphosis and amalgamation of spiritual manifestation. Ephemorphosis is an intense reflection of the human condition and the society we are bound to. It seeks to find the common thread that connects us all. It is a dialogue of the human soul, a mantra for those subjugated within the confines of race, gender, and religion. Ephemorphosis navigates the complexities of life. It is a tapestry woven from the fabric of love, womanhood, justice, and faith. In short, Ephemorphosis is a plight for liberation, a conglomeration of the human struggle, and a testament to resilience.

This is quite a huge honour for me and I am absolutely thrilled.

If you would like to know more about this collection, please follow this link: Ephemorphosis By Melodic Rose





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