Does She? ( A Poem)

If the night falls

bare tangent of moonlight filling the sky

A star perpetuating through

the dismal dark,

and a little black girl

gets lost in the woods

does anyone see her?


If a little black girl

loses her confidence,

gets her beauty thrown to the wall

Her body plastered across a

billboard with sharp pointed teeth

pointed towards her throat

like the sharp point

of a bullet

Does she even exist?


If a little girl

hides her body under the bed

away from prying eyes.

Seeks refuge

away from the atomic bombs,

words that tear her flesh from her body

does anyone notice her.


If her history is torn

from the pages of the book

buried under a deep layer

of thick paint

with large knuckle clenched boats

that boast of silence

and the crackling sensation

of her tongue being severed

from between her lips

Does She still matter?

~Melodic Rose~


2 thoughts on “Does She? ( A Poem)

    1. It’s a late reply but I sincerely thank you for this comment 🙂 very encouraging to me. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that 2016 is starting off in a great way for you.

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