Addiction ( A Poem )

Addiction is a bird
without wings attempting
to fly and then crashing every time
only that doesn’t stop them
They actually like the sensation
of their body getting rattled by the earth below

Addiction screams and demands
it never asks politely
simply laughs when you attempt to
escape its clutches

Addiction will take a strong man
and turn him into a blithering idiot.
leave him searching through the trash
for that one last pill

Addiction will turn a woman
inside out into a mess of things
leave her vulnerably standing
in the way of a swinging pendulum
getting knocked over every time
except she won’t stop
she likes the feeling all too well

Addiction will make a person
run after destruction
like a child after its mother
like a lover after a caress
like human in search of God

Addiction will leave your wallet empty
your heart empty
and your soul filled with rusty holes

Addiction will cause a writer
to write the word addiction
over and over again
like an obsession
because she knows it too well.

~Melodic Rose~


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