Equilibrium ( A poem)



Am I your daughter? Or your wheelbarrow crate

Running along a dusty road, in the middle of a Georgia Summer.


If I am your wheelbarrow, are my wheels

Made of metal or some octagonal spike of iron.


If I am made of Iron, is my voice still strong enough

To blow through your unfamiliar town.


If the the town is unfamiliar, would you still give

An invitation or hold a general election.


If you hold an election, will I be voted out of your love,

Like you’ve run out of hair grease.


If you run out of hair grease

Will the car still travel past the sound barrier?


Can we please remove these barriers

Or will I need a passport into your realm




Are you choking on the words not yet spoken

Or have you swallowed a glass of water.


If there is water, have you managed to your heart

Of its drought.


If there’s a drought, will you go swimming

In the lake of forgetfulness


If you go swimming, will you catch the wave

And drift out beyond your own cantankerous nature.


Does nature frighten you, or were you born to admire

It’s power.


Does the thought of losing that power frighten you

Like a child in the dark.



Can you repair the roof of this house?

The one left dangling by it’s shingled contusion


Do you have enough band aids to piece

These shingles together or will this house fall apart.


If this house falls apart, will you stand with me

Under the big hole in above our heads.


If we look above our heads,

Will we see the future interloping our exonerated hearts?


If our hearts are exonerated, then can I leave mines with you

Long enough to trust that you are who you say you are.


If you are who you say you are,

Then do I have the permission to be who I am


If who I am is not what you desire, then will I be free

To walk away.


If I walk away will you still have the courage to fight for me

Or will you let me go.


All of these questions.

All of these thoughts

There are no simple explanations to life

Just meandering pathways

Guiding us down highways

Fraught with peril

Teaching us to hope through the insanity

And continue to find peace

Even in the midst of last night’s storm.


~Melodic Rose~


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