Four ( A Poem)

My blood reeks of philanthropy.

An archaic discussion could not surmise

The elegance of its contents.


It’s flows and rips through the

Loose curtains blowing against the window

And I give myself to it, often.


I should not speak of such things

But then I could not leave my tongue

To wither on these words

Like empty words on the canvas of life.


All about me, I can feel the world changing.

Time shifts into a great wormhole.

Loses its essence for the duality

Of it’s own spirit.

Bares all things in secrets.


A great mind,

I was told I had.

I think insanity was as familiar to me

As a winter wood,

On an august night.


If I incline my ear

I can hear the low ominous hum

Of the engine, distill it’s secrets

Into the dirt road beneath it’s empty feet.


Or the sound of women

As they pass through the shadows,

Between breath and lack thereof.


I am afraid

And at a loss for words.

But then how could you speak

Of such things

When there is little left

To philosophize about.


It is the great love of life.

The four elements of love

That have woven it’s way through

My existence.

Creates a sense of morbidity

For a life

That I have thrown into the volcanoe pit.


The thinkers have spoken of it.

Written of love,

While they swivle a glass

Of alcholic concoction into their belly.


The first wave meets the shore,

Spitting Eros into the air,

Then Storge,

The filia

And Agape.


These are the great loves.




The condescending vagrant

Who has sought to fill my heart

With frivolity.

Turns my body into a loose cannon

An mere affection for nature

In all of its power.


So you have equipped my soul

With the ability to throw itself under the bus

Of tomorrow.


Give kisses to the dog

Who laps your heal when you come home from work

Give love to your fish.

Embrace the supple flesh of a cotton shirt.

Fill the kettle to overflowing and embrace it.




We have need of you always.




Your brother has strewn his sword through your side.

Brings fire to your kindness

Until you surrender all that you have left to give.


You have loved often and fully

Plush thoughts filling your room

So that you will uphold

Your friend,

As if he is your heartbeat.


You spend childhood together

Walk down the lane to old school house

At the end of the street.


Turning hoops for show

Brings a canteen of memories to your lips

So that you may sip on the vibrancy

Of youth in your latter days.


You will remember how often

His words blinded you

But you will never give up

On his promise

After all he is part of your blood

And your life is impartial to him.




Swing the gauntlet for all the world to hear,

Contamination in our stride

Though you are faultless

Pure as a needle passing through the sun


You will surely light the earth

With a power, undivisable

We are weak

Pulled at the seams by the

Force of you.

But we leave our worship

Under the infancy of your blatant



Knowing that transformation

Is truely the depth of your nature

And we are changed by you.




If lips could speak

Of bodies

Then we have commited ourselves to one another.

Delivering the rush of heat

Pulsing through our fraudulant lips

So that we could dive into the

Quelling sound of deliverence.


Roses could never squander the

Livid passion that you gave us

And men have died under your arrows

Women have been wounded under

Your tougne

But you elevate us.


Taciturn and brilliant

We continue to pander after you.

Hungering for the sensation you have given us.


Here we lay you down to sleep

Upon a bed of roses.


And whether these four loves

Should ever spring up out of the snow.

We will love

As no one else has loved.
~Melodic Rose~


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