Heroic ( A Poem)

We are pockets of theology
Tucked into the pages
Of old books
That someone forgot to read.

Instead they took us apart
Shredding each sentence
And rewriting our stories
Like we were simply Ideas
That could be scattered to the wind

Somehow the universe
Had mercy upon our lonely souls.
Somehow God must have seen
Your body swerve beneath
The heaviness of a night that lasted too long
And sought to bring me into the realm of your existence.

The day we met,
Every atom in our body conspired against reason.
Turning our sanity
Into the pure unadulterated insanity
Of rapturous heart beats.

What we could not say with words
Was spoken over the benevolent
Silence of our supreme understanding.

A simple turn of the chin
That said so much.
A flick of hair
And a hand that seemed to fit
In between both of my fingers.

So even on that cold January day
When tire tracks seemed
To streak across our chests
I could still peer into the endless warmth of you
And find safety.

You offered up a sanctuary
In the middle of my dessert
Bading me to sip
From the glass in your hand
And I alone could  clamour
Up the side of your heart
Reach into that big cavern of passion
And find my rest there.

We’ve spanned centuries love,
Our existence exuding with all
The confidence of a staccatoed
Sonic boom.

Lacerating the broken hearts
We tried so hard to hide.
Our pockets filled with blank cheques
And all the broken promises
That we forgot to throw away.

But that day,
We began a new legacy.
Throwing love into
The wine we poured
Out of glass bottles.

I still think of Clark kent some days
But then I am reminded
That not even he
Could have reached down
And saved me
When what I needed was to be saved
From the oncoming bolt of self destruction

For it was not superman
Nor Spiderman
That reached into panic infested midnight quandary
And brought up
Off of the floor

It was not superman
That loved the crisscrossed
Mark of deaths hand
Away from my flesh

it was always you love.

~Melodic Rose~


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