What Beautiful Feels like ( A poem)

I can’t tell you what beautiful sounds like.

If it sounds more like the revelatory glance of a

Soul who’s finally found her voice.

If it is the honesty enshrined against

The backdrop of beating heart

R e v e a l i n g  its overwhelming basket of truth.


I can’t tell you what beautiful sounds like.

If it is the same frequency as a sombre song

Falling from the lips of a woman

Who will not yet found the courage to speak.

If it is wrapped in the arms of a child

Reaching out for the hands of God to hold her.

If it is in the sway of a body,

Left lying face down on the floor of the sanctuary

Hoping that mercy will not pass her by.


I can’t tell you much about beautiful.

If it even exists.

Because perhaps beautiful is nothing more than

A state of mind.

Perhaps beautiful belongs just as much to the broken,

To the weathered,

To the scarred

As it does to you or I.


Perhaps beautiful is really just the s h i n y  emittance of  hope

In a room that’s gone far too dark,

Too early.

You never really know it’s there,

Until it’s no longer present.


I can’t tell you how to find beautiful.

When beautiful sounds alot like

The f o r b i d d e n  wanderings of a mind,

Still searching for it’s faith

H i d d e n  in the promise tomorrow.

I do know that beautiful isn’t safe.

It doesn’t answer to normal.

It isn’t sanity.


It’s elusive and messy

It weaves itself in a plethora of ways.

It doesn’t consist of a mind

That has been controlled and manipulated.


It speaks it’s own language.

It is rebellon,

It is a fire of it’s own making.

It is a flame that can spread without warning.

Leaving a trail of inspiration


Beautiful is the remnants

Of a life left behind

After that life has been beaten into the ground

A time or two.


It is the words

Of a woman

Who can still find the courage to stand on both legs

After her knee caps have been hammered in.


Beautiful is a hand outstretched

Towards another,

Just when that other hand is in danger of sinking.


It is mind filled with knowledge

And heart overflowing in compassion.


It a cup filled with tears

And then given to someone else

Who may be thirsty

Just because that it is all they had to give.


It is love,

It is the power to stand behind another human being

And declare that I am here for you.


It is friendship

It is the agreement of two souls

Meeting at the crossroads of kindness

Because it recognizes the humanity in another person.

No I can’t tell you what beautiful sounds like.

I can only tell you what it feels like

Because i’ve experienced it.

~Melodic Rose~


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