Poem by Melodic Rose

? Eavesdropping Be Ye Enigmatic Stand still and pray give thanks spill gratitude at the foot of the bed clean up your mess your whip entrenched blackened moth fly You fowl frothing mouth scamper clamp your clanking teeth shut them tightly together creep silently with all the undaunting fraudulent turning of the earth. that you…

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Love Is ( A poem)

Love is,                         The       p o w e r. That waters,                          The          s o u l. In it’s presence,                           We         t h r i v e. In its absence,                           We          w i t h e r.   ~Melodic Rose~

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Four ( A Poem)

My blood reeks of philanthropy. An archaic discussion could not surmise The elegance of its contents.   It’s flows and rips through the Loose curtains blowing against the window And I give myself to it, often.   I should not speak of such things But then I could not leave my tongue To wither on […]

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Equilibrium ( A poem)

Mother,   Am I your daughter? Or your wheelbarrow crate Running along a dusty road, in the middle of a Georgia Summer.   If I am your wheelbarrow, are my wheels Made of metal or some octagonal spike of iron.   If I am made of Iron, is my voice still strong enough To blow […]

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Don’t ask ( A poem)

  Don’t ask a man, Why he can’t make a decision Worth dying for. Why he still bleeds during the free pass Of sunday night football And why he has all of his fingers Stuffed into the bowl of Chicken wings on game day. Why he spends his day L Y I N G  through […]

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Child’s Dream ( A Poem)

A child’s dreams are carefully oxidized, Into the formation of a leather chair And high mahogany desk. Then with pure audacity They are quick to answer, What’s next?   What is left, When the dream is stripped From out of a child’s hand. When you take their hopes And their ambition And trounce it into […]

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Closest Place ( A Poem)

She said The closest place to God Was on the fault line Between san antonio and san andreas. Cars swerve into hem of the highway Caught only by the Astroid belt Hanging onto the cusp of a pair Of jeans that was far too loud For the dirt freckled wheels.   She said the closes […]

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